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    Can I get clobetasol propionate cream over the counter? Clobetasol propionate ointment is a prescription medication when purchased in the United States. As a result, one cannot buy clobetasol online in the US or get clobetasol propionate foam OTC (over the counter).
    What is the active ingredient in clobetasol? Clobetasol Cream Description Clobetasol propionate cream USP, 0.05% (emollient) contains the active compound clobetasol propionate, a synthetic corticosteroid, for topical use. Clobetasol, an analog of prednisolone, has a high degree of glucocorticoid activity and a slight degree of mineralocorticoid activity.
    Can a nurse practitioner do everything a doctor can? An MD is a doctor of medicine. Doctors are able to diagnose conditions, treat patients for all ailments, and write prescriptions. Whereas the RN cannot prescribe medications, the nurse practitioner is licensed to do so, as well as diagnose conditions.
    Can you put clobetasol propionate cream on your face? Do not use this medicine on the face, groin, or underarms, or if you have skin thinning, unless directed to do so by your doctor. To use the cream, foam, gel, lotion, ointment, or spray: Wash your hands with soap and water before and after using this medicine.
    How much is clobetasol propionate cream? Clobetasol Propionate 0.05 – Price Clobetasol 0.05% cream has a moderately affordable price, costing approximately $60 for one 60 gram tube at many pharmacies. Some insurance plans may cover the costs associated with a clobetasol cream prescription.
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